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College and Career Center

The College & Career Center at South St. Paul Secondary is designed to help students and their parents with all aspects of college and career decision-making. All students are encouraged to visit the College & Career Center and are more than welcome to seek personalized help.

The center can offer the following help:

  • College catalogs and information files from numerous 4-year and 2-year colleges, universities, graduate schools and private career schools
  • Information on military opportunities
  • Registration forms and information for ACT, SAT and PSAT (includes practice tests)
  • College, scholarship and financial aid applications and materials
  • Direction in college selection
  • Assistance in completing college applications
  • Assistance in preparing resumes  

Career Board

Check out the Career Board! It's located outside the Career Center. College visits, ACT/SAT information, job postings and financial aid information will be posted there. Check back periodically as it is updated.

Contact Information

Janessa Brackett 
College and Career Advisor
(651) 457-9487

Tips from the Advisor

Prepare for meetings. Juniors and seniors will be meeting with the College and Career Center Advisor during the school year. Please attend the appointments and bring any questions or concerns you want to discuss.
Provide materials well before the due date. Submit all forms (report cards, recommendations, etc.) early and all at once, if possible. Be sure to include information about deadlines. 
Notify the advisor about your progress. Let the advisor know if you are accepted by your prospective college. If you don't get in, the advisor may be able to assist with other options that are available.   

students attending college and university fair